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RBB KThe RBB K is a round arch stage, whose roof is supported by filigree aluminum profiles instead of steel trusses. Thereby it acts more openly and more delicate. Despite the roof construction from lightweight profiles this stage system has an enormous rigging capacity of up to 17.5 tons. The standard size of the playing area is 17 meters wide and 12 to 16 meters in depth. Again, many attachment options are possible.

Individual stage elements and additions

Weight support

Roof 14-17,5 tons (depending on size of the stage)


Stage 17x12/16m
Playing surface 16,6x12/16m
Footprint 19x13/17m
Headroom 9,8m
Height stage lip 1,5-2,0m
Canopy 2,2m (optional)

Engineering and Safety

  • Rain and storm safety
  • TÜV tested (Official German Institute testing agency)
  • Valid German construction book
  • Filigree aluminum profiles
  • MEBU podiums on Layher basic construction
  • Construction 2x12h, degradation 1x18h

RBB K sketches



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