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RundbühnenRound platform stages are freestanding platforms with a round playing surface. They are available in different radii and can be used flexible, for example as center stages or a second stage. Round stages can be used indoors with rounded ground supports or with a second round stage for an orchestra. There are no limits to the creativity of a round platform stage and thanks to the 360-degree playability; they guarantee an exquisite event experience for the viewer. Round platform stages can be equipped with many additional stage elements such as hubs, catwalks or the flying bridge.

Individual stage elements and additions


Diameter 3 / 4,14 / 6,21 / 8,28 / 10,36 / 12,42 / 14,05 / 16,56
Forms Complete forms circles, half or quarter segments
Special form Cake stage (superimposed several circles; some with turntables)

Engineering and Safety

Round platform stages pictures

Round platform stages sketches




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