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TVG-R28Our largest stage system to-date, the R28 ‘fat Lady’ is one of the most extraordinary stages in Europe. This truly massive tower stage with its recognizable arched roof is an exceptional in-house creation of MEGAFORCE GmbH (Germany) and is an evidence for superior engineering. It is also one of the most efficient and economical systems, that has ever been created for large-venue applications. Designed to accommodate the biggest and most demanding global productions, the ‘fat Lady’ sets a new industry benchmark for stage size, roof capacity, and installation flexibility.
This massive structure delivers a total width of approximately 27 meters (88.5ft) with a roof load capacity from 45 to 65 tons overall. The amazingly robust stage design comes with the ability to integrate additional LED walls in sizes up to approx. 400 square meters (4.300 square feett), which deliver truly breathtaking performance areas. The ‘fat Lady’ is your obvious and perfect choice for the largest events of any kind.

Individual stage elements and additions

Load capacity

Roof to 45,0 tons
to 65,0 tons (with additional measurements)
Wing per 7,6 tons
Outrigger per 3,8 tons


Stage 27x14,5m 27x21,5m
Attachments 10x14,5/21,5m  
Playing surface 26,9x14,5m 26,9x21,5m
Total size 47x14,5m 47x21,5m
Headroom 14,7-18,6m  
Height stage lip 1,5-2,5m  
Outrigger per 2,4m  
Overhang to 3,0m  

Engineering and Safety

  • Rain and storm safety
  • TÜV tested (Official German Institute testing agency)
  • Valid German construction book
  • Steel of highest quality class by hot dip galvanizing
  • MEBU podiums on Layher basic construction
  • Construction 3x12h, degradation 2x12h

TVG-R28 videos

TVG-R28 sketches



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